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Visual Kei related products and services on sale! =D [ Wednesday
August 10th 1:19am]

Hi everyone!
Im a newbie (I’m sorry! not sure whether this is against the rule. If it is please delete my post! Apology in advance!) >.<

I would like to advertise my LJ and there are various Japanese magazines, flyers and goods on sale as well! Services like purchasing live tickets and joining fan club etc are provided as well! So please feel free to drop by and if you have any questions, do feel free to drop me a comment! =)

Here is my LJ: murasaki_yume16

Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu ~
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Articles on MATSU Takako's "Ashita Haru ga Kitara" [ Wednesday
June 4th 5:58pm]
Hi everyone! Newbie here (hope this thread is not against the rules!) Well, I know it's too sudden, but I have a small favor to ask of you. I am a member of Wikipedia and am currently trying to make MATSU Takako's song "ASHITA, Haru ga Kitara" a good article. Since it as an old song, I'm finding it very hard to find reviews on it. I don't know any Japanese newspaper archived from back when the song was released (in March 1997!). Does anyone have any magazines from back then which includes information on the song? I have searched everywhere, but I guess Japanese magazines/newspapers are not so easy to find as compared to English ones. Please help!
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[ Thursday
March 20th 6:32pm]

Selling a Variety of Clothing and Bags (Including brand like ZARA, LIZLISA, Harajuku Lovers, Juicy Couture)  on my LJ

Also selling asian Idol Mags, CDs, Dramas

On my LJ: japanese_queen
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Magazines for sale! [ Wednesday
January 15th 12:23am]

Hello all!

I have some magazines for sale!
Most of them are Johnny's (Arashi related or w-inds.)
I also have some fashion magazines.

Please let me know if your interested.

Cost start from $5 and do not include shipping or handling fees.

Thanks! :D

photo 1
photo 2
photo 3
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Bidding starts at $5! [ Wednesday
June 19th 2:12pm]

Hello, I have KERA magazines featuring Kyo from Dir en grey for sale on eBay, please check them out!


Thank you!
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★ Selling: KERA Collection - many RARE issues and side books! [ Sunday
April 1st 10:34pm]

I really hate to do this, but I have to sell my rare copies of KERA with Kyo (Dir en grey) on the cover. I have listed both together on eBay. These are out of print, and VERY difficult to find! I will ship anywhere in the world! Please take a look at the auction: HERE!

I am also directly selling my entire KERA collection, from issue #1 to #113, including Maniax #1 to #7.8, and all side mooks (KERA Boys, room snaps, etc). Many of these are VERY difficult to find, so if you're a KERA fan, or Japanese fashion/music fan in general, please take a look! :]

Photos, prices, infoCollapse )

Thanks for looking! <3
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ヘ(゚∀゚*)ノ For Sale [ Wednesday
February 22nd 11:17am]

Hello! (*´ω`*)
Sales Post again! Want to sell these desperately. Prices have been reduced!
I will take reasonable offers, feel free to negotiate via comment or PM.

Shipping + Information :
☆ UK seller, my prices are either in GBP or JPY and not EUR or USD
☆ I ship internationally! I will calculate your total - I usually deduct the total.
☆ Lost items will not be refunded~ if you want secured mail please ask!
☆ I will do trades of equal value, especially for flyers, or cheki.

Newly Added : http://kazukeii.livejournal.com/74075.html
♪ Serial Number Single
♪ Many more cheki!
♪ 12012 Postcards!
Magazines: EGG, Nuts + Ageha // SHOXX + CURE + PATiPATi
♪ AREA Magazine + LOTS of old and recent V!NYL syndicate!
FREEBIES - you just pay the shipping + fee! (*´σー`)

Many Posters FT: An Cafe, ZORO, Toon Factory, MUCC, Ryuutaro, ViViD
Please find it all: here!

I also have HUNDREDS of fliers to get rid of!!
They can be located here
Lucky Grab Pack!! (≧∇≦)
I will randomly select 30 or more fliers for £3 (+ shipping)

Alternatively, I have listed single fliers which are for sale!
(£2 shipping for an unlimited amount of fliers!) (´・ω・`)

Flyers: AYABIE, Alice Nine, the Riotts, ROYZ, TU[ISM], Ziggrat, Virgil, v-last., Satsuki, Lolita 23Q, and many more!

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SHOXX and Rock&Read for cheap [ Saturday
January 7th 12:56am]


- plus other JRock Posters, flyers, stickers, GazettE bag and DVD, all at good condition!

Sorry about cross-posting & Thanks for looking :)
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[ Thursday
December 22nd 10:33pm]


Gothic & Lolita Bibles, KERA Maniax, FRUiTS, Popeye, etc.

Please visit my selling journal
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[ Monday
September 5th 2:20pm]

anime/manga/jrock stuff for sale here ^^

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